People In Transformation | (PiT)

This approach focuses on concrete change of behaviour in groups. No incremental improvements, but a breakthrough in the new, desired behaviour.

People in Transformation (PiT) offers a structured approach, an initial behaviour analysis and a throughput time of less than 12 weeks between intake and implementation. Together with the customer, we assure a real breakthrough and a sustainable change in group behaviour.




Realize a change in behaviour and attitude - measurable and endorsed - in less than 12 weeks!

How does Stanwick help?

PiT focuses on latent, chronic, and mostly interpersonal problems that people prefer not to talk about.

Typical issues are, e.g.:
  • Solving latent tensions between (production) teams
  • Learning how to give feedback to each other
  • Solving holiday planning in a group
  • Reaching agreement on a model for shift handovers
  • Defining a layout for a flexplace office (open office)
  • Implementing "The New Working" (home office, virtual team work, I/O-management)

Keeping the speed high is the key for a successful People in Transformation (PiT) project. This makes good preparation a 'must'.
  1. We start with a behavioural analysis, where we define problem and the desired behavioural indicators, as well as roles and responsibilities. A Net Engagement Score defines the 0 baseline to start from.
  2. Then, supported by an experienced Stanwick consultant, the team meets in 3 so-called ‘Pit stops’ in order to fill in the solution. We work together intensely in a workshop context over a short period. This assures the concrete results.
  3. The quality assurance part of PiT contains a result measurement, provision of the necessary assurance tools and a follow-up after 6 months.

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