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A project can be defined as any change with a clear, predefined outcome and a defined start and end. For example: the launch of a new product or service, the start-up of a new product line, etc. An integrated and uniform approach is also useful in small and medium-sized companies. Research shows that 20 % of the project budget is wasted because companies omit to use a consistent project management approach (CHAOS Report, Standish Group).

Our approach is different, because it gives attention to the whole cycle: from strategy planning, through choosing the right programmes and projects, and up to monitoring and adjusting programmes and projects. At Stanwick, we know that simply putting all these elements next to each other without integrating them is inefficient, or even contra-productive.

Our approach starts from the specific situation of your company. Do you have problems with project management? Or do you need a new project selection process?

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Project management of the client’s organisation

We support the client in professionalising the way projects are tackled:

  • one uniform ‘project management’ approach and language, based on the reality of the client’s organisation, pragmatic and suitable for all types of projects
  • an approach which builds further on what is already implemented.

Thereby also creating a project-friendly organisational context: aligning the knowledge management process with the project management process, tuning of HR processes to the development of the necessary project management skills (e.g. recruitment, training, performance management), tuning of the organisational structure, IT architecture and knowledge management process to the project management process.

We install effective project portfolio management (project portfolio management).

We develop a digital project portfolio PMO dashboard (custom or standard) including smartphone app.

Project Portfolio management
  • Identify the ‘diamonds’ in your business: which are the crucial operational and strategic projects? Provide adequate budgets and resources, monitor the results and work together with the project team with the aim of achieving the best results.
  • Monitor and apply corrective action on the basis of simple status reports on the projects
  • Consider whether or not your investment in a project is still valuable. Identify any blocking issues in which the management team can play a supporting role. Take decisions!
  • Take on leadership to ensure that every stakeholder is involved. Support the project team, show that the project is important to you, appreciate and reward the efforts of the team members.
Program management

When you are facing a comprehensive transformation that branches out throughout the entire company, the various initiatives can be united into one programme. Ensure simple and transparent reporting lines, create sufficient unity and speed, represent the interdependencies between the various projects visually

Project management
  • Opt for a simple and pragmatic approach. A complex and heavy methodology only increases the perception of Project Management being an administrative burden.
  • Organize training and project coaching at all levels.
  • Support the all project teammembers with simple tools and templates: one-pager project charters, visual management, clear targets, one projectleader, one approachable sponsor, a transparant team structure, effective stakeholder- en communication management. Simplicity is the key!
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