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How do I prepare my company for the future?

The world around us is changing. New business models, new forms of organisation, new technologies, ... they spring up like mushrooms and they pose an increasing threat to our current way of working. You see large, high-performing companies / sectors today being torn down by small start-ups that seem to come from nowhere. This gives you the feeling that you do not have to wonder if your company is going to experience the same thing, but when this will happen?

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Personalized industry - Stanwick

Personalized industry

We want the perfect product, adapted to our needs, wishes and personal taste, leading to mass customization.

Digitalization - Stanwick


The world of atoms must give way to the world of bits. Digitization ensures the availability of information, which leads to more transparency for those who want to know something.

Speed - Stanwick


The availability of information, combined with developments in the field of transport, makes the world small. No wonder we do not want to wait for our products anymore.

Sustainability - Stanwick


Our worldview is characterized by the shortage of certain raw materials, climate warming, the social role of companies, ... All this leads to corporate social responsibility with a view to a sustainable future.

Technology - Stanwick


The environment in which we operate as an organisation is characterized by increasing complexity. This generates challenges for both our internal and external processes. The application of new technologies ensures that we can master this dynamic.

how can Stanwick help you?
Process and market scan


Stanwick maps out where the company is now in its state of Operational Excellence. We use the established strengths and improvement levers to be able - in consultation - to draw up a feasible implementation plan, taking into account the entire context and possibilities of the company.


Vision, values and strategy


The strategy starts from the customer's needs. This Market-in approach helps in defining the winner criteria. Based on the adjusted business model, we implement the operational strategy with a translation to the shop floor.


Modelling & master plan


Through the use of carefully selected techniques such as Lean we translate the focused factories to a future state with concrete targets and results. The gap between the future state and the current situation from the assessment is converted into a Master Plan, so that the way to Operational Excellence becomes tangible for the company.


Implementation and continuation


  • Implementing means not only working on the operational improvement levers, but also integrating people and state of the art techniques. We succeed in letting people use their maximum potential.
  • The Key Performance Indicators are visualized and monitored. We also install a recurring audit system that serves as a motor for continuous improvement. A clear transfer of knowledge and expertise is intended.


Tom Van der Straeten

Skillful in the act

You can compare becoming Future-proof with learning how to ride a bike. You have to learn it first and especially see the advantage of it. 

Tom Van der Straeten