Stanwick and iObeya, rethinking continuous improvement

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Visual Management

Stanwick, a leading consultancy firm specializing in operational excellence and performance enhancement, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with iObeya (, a cutting-edge provider of visual management solutions. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in empowering organizations to optimize their operations and drive sustainable growth through innovative methodologies, including Obeya, team performance enhancement, and tiered accountability.

 Visual management has emerged as a pivotal tool for modern businesses seeking to enhance productivity, streamline processes, and foster collaboration across teams. With iObeya's state-of-the-art platform, organizations gain unparalleled visibility into their operations, enabling real-time monitoring, analysis, and decision-making, all within the framework of Obeya.

 "We are excited to join forces with iObeya to offer our clients transformative digital solutions in visual management, team performance enhancement, and tiered accountability," said Tom Van der Straeten, Managing partner at Stanwick Management Consultants. "In today's dynamic business landscape, the ability to visualize workflows, identify bottlenecks, and implement targeted improvements is essential for driving operational excellence. Through this partnership, we aim to empower organizations to embrace a continuous improvement culture and leverage visual management for enhanced decision-making and collaboration.”

 iObeya's innovative platform facilitates the implementation of the Obeya methodology, a proven approach to holistic management that aligns strategic objectives with daily activities, fostering transparency, accountability, and continuous improvement. By integrating visual management principles with advanced technology, organizations can streamline their operations and enhance team performance, thus improving team performance and accountability at all tiers of the organization.

 "Our partnership with Stanwick Management Consultants represents a strategic alignment of expertise and vision," said Frédéric Cornec , Head of Sales France & Territory Development Director - Benelux & Nordics at iObeya. "Together, we are committed to equipping organizations with the tools and insights needed to thrive in today's competitive landscape. By harnessing the power of visual management, Obeya, team performance enhancement, and tiered accountability, businesses can achieve operational excellence and drive sustainable growth."

 Clients seeking to enhance their performance management capabilities and unlock operational efficiencies can now benefit from the combined expertise of Stanwick Management Consultants and iObeya. From strategy development to implementation and ongoing support, the partnership offers a comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet the unique needs of each organization.


About Stanwick:

Stanwick is a leading consultancy firm based in Ghent, Belgium, specializing in operational excellence, performance enhancement, and strategic advisory services. With a team of seasoned experts, Stanwick empowers organizations to achieve sustainable growth and operational excellence through innovative solutions and strategic insights.


About iObeya:

iObeya is a global leader in visual management solutions, empowering organizations to optimize their operations and drive performance improvement through innovative technology and methodologies. With a focus on transparency, collaboration, and continuous improvement, iObeya enables businesses to achieve their strategic objectives and thrive in today's competitive landscape.


More information and details about the partnership, contact us:

More information about Obeya and the methodology, discover our blog series about Obeya:

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Today we are flooded with tools & techniques to improve our business process. Just think of Six Sigma, TPM (Total Productive Maintenance), Lean, QRM (Quick Response Manufacturing), TQM (Total Quality Management), ... All these techniques have undeniably their advantage, but are often built from a well-defined vision. An integrated approach is thus required.
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