Excellent team alignment with Stanwick’s help

Lotus Bakeries case Stanwick

"Our first Internal Audit team building was a great success, not the least thanks to Stanwick’s help. We achieved our goals within a short time: alignment to our key work processes, alignment to the team’s mission, and getting to know each other better. All this took place in a pleasant and constructive atmosphere."

Katrien De Vos
Corporate QA Manager 

Project & portfolio management

Stanwick supports the client in creating one uniform ‘project management’ approach and language, based on the reality of the client’s organization. Thereby also creating a project-friendly organisational context and installing an effective project portfolio management system.


The team process is guided by a pragmatic roadmap based on the theory of Patrick Lencioni. In his model, he describes five foundations that are necessary for a successful team: trust, open dialogue, commitment, accountability and co-ownership. we create a secure framework and ensure that all team members are willing to talk.