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High Performance organisatie

How do you build a High performance organisation?

How do you build an organisation that will perform excellently today and continue to sustainably perform?
Shared leadership

Leadership 2020 2.0

A glossary for a new decade, for sustainable and shared leadership
Sociocracy 3.0

Everyone equal in our company. Is that possible?

Sociocracy (abbreviated to S3) is a work philosophy for effectively and efficiently shaping and leading organisati
workshop in Agile/SCRUM training

Agile/SCRUM: learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow

“The important thing is not to stop questioning.”
Spanningen in je team? … Goed zo! Stanwick

Tensions within your team? … Great!

Tensions within your team are often perceived as negative, and everyone has his own way of dealing with them: some would rather ignore them, and certainly don't want to name them, while others just
De sterkte van je zwakheden

The strength of your weaknesses

What are we talking about? We are all only too aware that we can only be our “best self” (i.e.
Holacracy ... de 6 evoluties

Holacracy ... the 6 evolutions

Our business environment is (has become) an enormously complex and rapidly evolving system. Rather too complex to manage centrally and with a pyramid organisational structure.
Het maken van een organisatiefoto met de TAO 2.0

Making an organization photo with the TAO 2.0

Let‘s start from what is already there (and is good)
Lean transformation als aanpak voor succesvolle verandering

Lean transformation as an approach to successful change

Most organisations struggle with the amount and speed at which new change projects are defined. It’s not easy to assign fixed resources to these long-term projects.
Mediatie ... gezond met conflicten omgaan

Mediation ... dealing with conflicts in a healthy way

Mediation - what is that? Intervention in a dispute, mainly between two parties, by a neutral third party who convenes negotiations, evaluates the arguments of both parties and proposes a
Tuckman en Belbin gaan hand in hand

Tuckman and Belbin go hand in hand

As early as 1965, Dr. Bruce Tuckman carried out pioneering work in the field of group dynamics in Ohio (US), and, a few years later, Dr.
Succesvol aan de slag met Intervisie

Successful start with Intervision

You are learning from colleagues the whole day long.
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