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Stanwick - future-proof organisation

In a time where new technological developments are changing things at an increasingly rapid pace, the workplace has become an interesting, yet challenging environment. “Companies are so busy staying up to date that they often lose sight of the bigger picture. At Stanwick, we aim to take the pressure off, so that clients can focus on what’s important,” says Jean-Paul Nauwelaers, partner at Stanwick Management Consultants.

Celebrating their 50th anniversary in 2020, Stanwick has been at the frontline of industrial digitisation since day one. Working with a wide range of clients across Europe, the team is versatile, complementary and highly experienced: insights from engineering professionals are combined with knowledge of experts in psychology and change management.

Making a change

“More and more of our clients are organisations that need to get used to changing work environments,” Nauwelaers tells us. “They want to prepare themselves for what’s to come, both in terms of internal

and external developments. While digitisation has made everything faster and more efficient, it also forces companies to streamline their entire workflow. We’re here to show them that this needn’t be daunting. As long as all employees are engaged in the process, organisational change will lead to excellence.”

“New generations want to be much more involved in the organisation that they work for,” Jeroen Van den Hove, senior management consultant with Stanwick explains. “They are used to working hard and efficiently, but they also expect a certain degree of ownership. That’s why we tell our clients that in order to be future-proof, they should move from a hierarchical management structure towards an environment in which employees can be autonomous. This new way of organising is based on self-management and very much team-centred.”

Operational excellence

In addition to Organisational Design (OD), Stanwick’s work often follows the OPEX (operational excellence) model. “We see ourselves as implementation consultants,” Nauwelaers states. “We don’t just advise our clients on how they could be making a change, but rather, we like to put on our boots to go stand in the mud with them. We are in touch with everyone in the company, and provide as much (or as little) guidance as an organisation needs to run a smooth operation.”

Van den Hove: “Today, the biggest pitfall for clients is that they make everything a priority. By applying our OPEX assessment, we help our clients find clarity and establish what to focus on, making it infinitely easier to start making a change. Together, we stand for optimisation and implementation.”

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Jeroen Van den Hove & Jean-Paul Nauwelaers


Future-proof organisation

The world around us is changing. New business models, new forms of organisation, new technologies. They spring up like mushrooms and they pose an increasing threat to our current way of working. This gives you the feeling that you do not have to wonder if your company is going to experience the same thing, but when this will happen?
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