Highest distinction for Stanwick for its QFor Award

In 2012 QFor examines again Stanwick’s training and consulting services. For the fourth time in a row we get the QFor label. We received excellent results on all areas.
Stanwick meets Villa Omaar

Stanwick meets Villa Omaar

Villa Omaar will be a low-threshold therapeutic house in the heart of Wetteren for young people aged between 16 and 23 who are struggling psychologically.
Stanwick walked for Villa Omaar

Stanwick walked for Villa Omaar

Recently, Stanwick has been supporting a new social project, Villa Omaar, a low-threshold therapeutic home in Wetteren for young people between 16 and 23 who are struggling mentally.
Your privacy

Your privacy

Stanwick considers your privacy very important. Therefore, in line with GDPR regulations, we want to inform you about what personal data we collect and process from you as a natural person.
Stanwick - Life as it is - Lidewij

Life as it is: the Stanwick consultant

Life as it is: the Stanwick consultant 
Nathalie Arteel in Stanwick

"Define moments that matter" (Nathalie Arteel)

We were and proud and happy to welcome Ms Nathalie Arteel to Stanwick as a guest speaker.
KMO portefeuille

Save up to 50% for training thanks to Stanwick recognition

Save up to 50% for training thanks to Stanwick recognition
Jeroen and Bie

Starting at Stanwick in the middle of COVID? Mission accomplished!

Colleagues Bie Delodder & Jeroen Simoen have been members of the Stanwick family for 1 year. A start we will not soon forget.
digital learning platform

Digital collaboration with HowSpace®

In our workshops and training courses, we continuously work to increase motivation and engagement between the Stanwick trainers/facilitators on the one hand and the participants on the

IDEWE and Stanwick, a coalition for greater personal resilience.

What happens when 2 professional service providers , rather by chance, meet in a joint assignment with a client?
remote work

Stanwick keeps guaranteeing full quality ... even in a remote setting

In Stanwick, after a training, we often foresee a follow-up day, mainly to facilitate learning from experiences amongst partic
Stanwick 50 years

50 is the new 20!

In 2020, it will be exactly 50 years ago that Stanwick (then called Bekaert-Stanwick) started as a consultancy fir
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