Highest distinction for Stanwick for its QFor Award

In 2012 QFor examines again Stanwick’s training and consulting services. For the fourth time in a row we get the QFor label. We received excellent results on all areas.

We achieved 95% (advice) and 100% (training) respectively, which is well within the QFOR requirement of 80%. QFor accreditation means that clients are satisfied with the services provided by the training and consultancy provider. QFor is an internationally recognised audit. Central to it is the telephone customer survey.

In the first place our customers appreciate our consultants. For their trustworthiness, experience, expertise and passion we get scores up to 95% or even 100%.

The strong interactive part and the tight link to business reality are also considered as big assets. Also our efforts to design tailor made projects for the special needs of the customer based on intense conversation with the customer are highly valorised.

Stanwick in the words of our customers:

Stanwick in de woorden van onze klanten

Some quotes from the survey:

"The result was excellent. I was amazed by what they were able to do in such a short time. They took the necessary time to talk to all the people on the production line. There was an observation period first and then we sat down together to see what we could do with that."

"We set up an improvement project around a number of lines. It is not a theoretical approach, but very hands-on. There is a real willingness to learn about the business."

"The trainers are good at responding to the audience and also responding when sidetracks come up. They have a high level of maturity and calmness. This creates confidence which also makes participants dare to ask questions. They create an open atmosphere."

"A plus point is that the consultant is also the trainer who does all the training here internally. These guys know their jobs and the subject matter. That goes without saying, of course, but it's also worth saying. There is a real willingness to get to know the company. The consultants are very professional and very involved. Really top!"

 "We have worked with different consultants for each project. They are people with experience who don't need weeks to settle in. They fly right in. They are very competent in analysis."

"The trainer is very experienced. He really adapts to the audience. The training was conducted in English and even there he took into account the level of the participants. He delivered it with tremendous passion."

"The consultant is very experienced. He inspires a lot of confidence and knows coaching techniques very well in terms of change management. He is a very good listener. There are very few like him running around. He also does not pretend to know everything at all, but brings out the truth of the team."

"We had worked with Stanwick before. The quality and depth are two elements why we chose them. They first sat down with the directors and managers to talk to them. It was a broad intake and then they worked out a tailor-made proposal. They came out best in the tender."

"The trainers were very good. It was also pleasing that there were two of them. Each trainer had his own modules. One dealt with the more human aspect, the other was more the man of numbers. It was a good balance with both. It was very well delivered and they were in tune with each other. They have hands-on experience that they can really convey. You can tell they have been in the business."

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