Review of the internal functioning around project management


"As a business school, we are strongly committed to obtaining funds for research, which is crucial for the further development and profiling of our expertise. As a result, our project portfolio has grown exponentially in recent years and we are also the project leader for a number of large international projects. In order to maintain an overview, we were therefore forced to review our internal project management procedures and switch to a more integrated and systematic approach. This required a thorough adaptation of the operation and processes. 

During an intense process (with a tight deadline) Stanwick guided us in the development of a functional design of a project office to manage our portfolio of projects and to support project staff. We worked together with several internal stakeholders. Stanwick took on different roles, not only as project coordinator, but also as inspirator and coach. It is now up to us to implement this project office and adjust its functioning where necessary." 

Elke Decrock

Project & portfolio management

Stanwick supports the client in creating one uniform ‘project management’ approach and language, based on the reality of the client’s organization. Thereby also creating a project-friendly organisational context and installing an effective project portfolio management system.