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Stakeholder management
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How Insights Discovery can help you in successfully managing your stakeholders?

Today, business professionals function more and more in a (virtual) network, identifying stakeholder management and networking as crucial success factors. But how do you learn to 'network' this? What exactly are the skills you need to master?

Central to this whole story is the ability to connect with very different people/profiles. Connecting successfully requires, on the one hand, that you are well aware of your personal communication style and the inherent pitfalls. But on the other hand, you also need to be able to assess the communication preferences of your conversation partner and to be able to switch flexibly to these other preferences. 'TUNING & CONNECTING': talk about a major challenge!

STEP 1: Recognising communication preferences

Insights Discovery

STEP 2: Connect

On the one hand, Stanwick offers a lived approach to stakeholder mapping and prioritisation using the 3I approach (Interest, Influence and Involvement) and RACI. On the other hand, we use Insights Discovery as a framework to explore your own communication preferences based on your personality profile. Moreover, you can use the same framework to map your interlocutor's personality profile and corresponding communication preferences. Combining both approaches leads to a structured communication plan with sufficient attention to a personalised approach to key stakeholders. In short, a colourful approach to building a successful network!

Insights Discovery



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