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Consciously managing personal energy

The challenges of the 21st century eat up time and energy. Energy is our most precious resource, not time.

Our e-GPS programme allows for working with physical, emotional and mental energy, preventing burnout, absence through illness and loss of productivity. More energy also stimulates creativity, makes working longer hours workable and motivates all availabale talent.


Energy and persistence conquer all things
(Benjamin Franklin)

With the e-GPS-program, we aim to offer you a compass to help make your personal ‘Energy Journey’ a successful one. 

How can Stanwick help?

The levers for your personal energy are physical health, mental fitness and emotional balance. These three sources of energy are linked to one another. One cannot be without the other, and they have an impact on each other. The three sources of energy enable you to navigate to your personal destination. This destination is what drives you, and is reflected in your deepest beliefs. The e-GPS also includes a customized road map to enhance energy at the corporate level. A clear and motivating destination creates courage and passion. The correct balance between work pressure and control options ensures that the organisation remains healthy. Talent development provides the optimum focus to put the right people in the right place. And the commitment of employees to put down results together creates emotional involvement.

The central focus of our approach is the facilitation of workshops for managers and their teams. They are the primary target group for us, preferably within a broader organisational context. Where necessary and appropriate, we will also support individuals in their quest for a better personal energy balance. In addition, we also offer people from different organisations the opportunity to become familiar with the e-GPS ideology in open training programmes

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