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Most processes are organised across different functional departments. Many key business processes are in bad shape because functional management has led to departmental optimization and an inefficient silo mentality.

With Process Management, the necessary attention is given to strategic processes and shared responsibility between the different departments is ensured.


Streamline your organisational processes and define the “critical few”!

How does Stanwick help?

Stanwick Management Consultants have developed an approach and a comprehensive set of tools to enable you to build a process-oriented organization and to implement process improvement management.

We assist you:

  • In identifying key business processes and selecting the most critical ones based on your company's vision and strategy
  • In assessing the degree of excellence of a particular process by rating its condition (efficiency, effectiveness and adaptability)
  • In managing processes following a set of process indicators
  • By guiding you through the change process and coaching you on how to handle the effects of process management on the organization (from a vertical to a horizontal orientation)





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